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At Buchheit Precision we offer both CNC milling and turning as well as traditional machining. 

What is the difference? CNC machining uses special computer programs that dictate the movement and path of selected cutting tools in order to produce (or carve) parts from a solid block of material (usually metal of some sort). Traditional machining or “manual machining”, as it is usually called, also uses selected cutting tools to produce a part or component. However, the path, movement, depth, and speed are all controlled directly by the operator by turning handles without the aid of any computer systems.

Our team at Buchheit Precision is fortunate to have years of experience in both processes. This, combined with our services described in other sections, enables us to offer our customers an extremely wide array of potential solutions and services. Our knowledge and experience, combined with our investments in high-end equipment and technology, allow us to handle practically any need our customers present us with in a cost effective, high quality, and efficient manner. We can offer competitive pricing and delivery on nearly any manufacturing need you require. We can handle everything from the entire design, programming, and manufacture of a 10,000-part order, to the emergency repair of a small mechanical component to get your operation back up and running quickly and effectively. Our capabilities also make possible the reverse engineering and reproduction of obsolete, non-readily available, or ridiculously expensive machine parts and components. Most often, we are able to modify the design or material of the part to make it stronger and more reliable than any OEM factory replacement.

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and industry, there are few problems presented to us that we cannot devise a solution for. We encourage you to reach out via any method in our Contact Us section for an estimate, quote, consultation, or even just questions about our operations or services.

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