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CNC & Traditional Machining and Manufacturing

At Buchheit Precision we offer both CNC milling and turning as well as traditional machining. 

What is the difference? CNC machining uses special computer programs that dictate the movement and path of selected cutting tools in order to produce (or carve) parts from a solid block of material (usually metal of some sort). Traditional machining or “manual machining”, as it is usually called, also uses selected cutting tools to produce a part or component. However, the path, movement, depth, and speed are all controlled directly by the operator by turning handles without the aid of any computer systems. Continue Reading...


Welding & Fabrication

Buchheit Precision is prepared and equipped to offer a wide variety of welding and fabrication services. Our team is skilled and experiences in all common welding processes including: GTAW (TIG), GMAW (MIG), SMAW (stick/arc), brazing and smoldering. We also, combined with our partners in the industry, offer CNC plasma cutting services of all metals up to 1 ¼ inch thickness. We have the ability to complete a variety of complex projects efficiently and affordably.

We are a full-service fabrication shop specializing in precision TIG and MIG welding. We specialize in the construction and repair of small complex parts and difficult to weld materials such as aluminum, magnesium, cast components, stainless steel, and steel alloys. We would be pleased to offer you a quote or more information on any of the other following welding related services. Continue Reading...


Process Engineering, Design, Automation & Control

We have been building industrial controls and automation solutions to a variety of manufacturers in the grain handling, food processing, and heavy/industrial equipment industries. We also build custom control panels. Continue Reading...


Mechanical & Industrial Services

In addition to our core Services, the team at Buchheit Precision is equipped to offer you and or your company with a wide array of industrial solutions and services. Our History and decades of combined experience in many facets of heavy industry provides us with the skills and ability to help you improve or solve many of the problems facing industry in the United States today. Our solutions and knowledge can enable you to improve safety, productivity, downtime, and profitability which are all vital in providing your company the ability to compete both nationally and worldwide. Our location not only provides this service to a rural location that was previously unavailable but being in the very center of the US also allows us to efficiently serve customers across the country. Continue Reading...


Fluid Power System Services

What is a fluid power system and what does it do?

Fluid power is defined as the utilization of fluid or gas under pressure to generate, control, and transmit power. There are two main subdivisions of this process: Pneumatics and Hydraulics. Pneumatics uses a compressed gas (usually air) and hydraulics uses a liquid under pressure (usually an oil) to create motion and/or perform work. This may sound a little overwhelming and complicated, but Buchheit Precision has decades of experience in the arena to help you through all facets of the process, from the simple repair of a hydraulic cylinder to the sizing, design, and implementation of the most complicated system. Continue Reading...

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