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In addition to our core services, the team at Buchheit Precision is equipped to offer you and or your company with a wide array of industrial solutions and services. Our History and decades of combined experience in many facets of heavy industry provides us with the skills and ability to help you improve or solve many of the problems facing industry in the United States today. Our solutions and knowledge can enable you to improve safety, productivity, downtime, and profitability which are all vital in providing your company the ability to compete both nationally and worldwide. Our location not only provides this service to a rural location that was previously unavailable but being in the very center of the US also allows us to efficiently serve customers across the country. Some of the more popular services we provide are listed below:

  • Machine and Plant safety integration and design. Our teams OSHA 1910 General industry certifications and vast experience in the field of safety management allow us to offer many services in this area. We can help you with machine guarding design and install, safety interlocks, lockout tagout programs, and consultations just to name a few. Our experience can even offer you general advice in the field of environmental compliance.

  • Industrial Automation (see Process Engineering, Design, Automation and Control for more details)

  • On-site mechanical services including machine repair, machine install and millwright type services, consultation and process improvement and troubleshooting, preventative maintenance service and system design, and project management

  • CAD and design services utilizing our investment in a full license of Autodesk

  • Machine, component, and equipment rebuild and retrofit. Utilizing all our Services, we can take your existing equipment or component and perform many possible courses of action. We can update it with new controls, re-engineer and manufacture older components providing them with more strength and lifespan, and or increase their productivity by utilizing modern technology. We can also combine any of these services to enable you to avoid costly downtime, new equipment purchases, and or many other issues facing your and or your company.

Please reach out to us through the Contact Us section to inquire about any of the services you see listed or schedule your free on-site consultation.

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