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Robbie and his wife, Tobie.

The framework for this business was put in place decades ago.

Robbie Buchheit started this business as a machine shop in the garage behind his house, but in all reality the stage for the business was set over 50 years ago. He comes from four generations of machinists—his dad was a journeyman tool and die maker, and Robbie's grandfather as well as his great-grandfather were both machinists in the auto industry. The roots that the Buchheit family has in the Detroit area led to Rob being raised around that type of thing, the same as it would be for a fourth-generation farmer in this area.

Rob also credits a lot of where he is now to his previous employment experience. In his 22 years working at Parker-Hannifin, he was able to learn many things that allow his business to be as diversified as it is. He was able to not only learn, but practice and refine skills such as electronics and automation, hydraulics and pneumatics, mechanical power transmission, millwright type skills, engineering and design, and later on even some supervisory and leadership skills that have been more useful than Robbie had ever thought. He was also able to obtain OSHA certifications, experience with environmental rules and regulations and many other things. This previous work experience, coupled with his desire to be an entrepreneur has really paid off—in June of 2019, Robbie was able to make the jump to Buchheit Precision full time.

All of these experiences and skills have enabled Buchheit Precision to serve not only many different customers, but also many different customer needs, and in turn, grow exponentially. As we worked with more customers, the needs that were completely unmet became clear. As we went to customer facilities to drop off work, we’d get the “Wow, I can’t find anybody who knows about that stuff” and Robbie would say, “Well, I can do that.” It grew from that. Adding services to fill the many needs we found that people needed is when the business really began to take off. We continued to grow to the point that more space was crucial in order to continue providing services that were previously unavailable to industries in the area due to their rural location. Because of this, in 2019 we moved from the small shop to a new 5,000 foot facility that not only better fits our needs but also lets us provide more services to our customers and clients.

Thanks to all of our history, from Robbie's great-grandfather to moving to our new facility, we have been shaped into the successful, one-stop shop industrial facility that we can assure can help with any and all of your industrial needs.

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