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We pride ourselves on our community outreach initiatives. Specifically, our work with the young generations of our small community. We work with the local high school to bring in young adults about to graduate from high school and teach them about our work. By doing this, we are able to educate young people about what a career in our field looks like, what kind of day-to-day work they will be able to look forward to after they are done with school, and give them the experience that only our facility can offer. 

Brian Turek, a 2021 senior from Hemingford High, is currently working for Buchheit Precision through the School to Work program. When asked what one of the biggest draws to doing this program, Brian says that he wanted to get out from behind the school desk earlier in the day and start learning things that will actually apply to his future. By getting to work for Buchheit Precision during his senior year, he's able to get into the field early, have extremely valuable experience, and get ahead on his future. Brian says that the biggest immediate benefit to working at Buchheit Precision is that he gets to work with people in uncomfortable social situations and he is able to build his people skills while also being able to learn a lot of things that other people his age just don't get to. He gets the unique ability to have hands-on experience that will genuinely benefit him in the future that his peers just don't get to have. Brian sees himself working in the industry field in the future specifically because he enjoys working at Buchheit Precision. 

"Robbie is very easy going, good to talk to, and is a great teacher. He makes sure I understand things well and has helped me learn a lot of things that are very beneficial to my future. I truly enjoy working for him in this business that he's built from the ground up. It has been a one-of-a-kind experience, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity." says Brian of Robbie and the opportunity of working for him.



We are constantly trying to help out our local community in any way we can. We jumped at the chance to have our local high school's FFA chapter to come tour our facilities in late February of 2021. The group was amazingly respectful and eager to learn about our business, facilities, and what kind of future they could have in a trade like ours. 

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